Breaching Transmissions live

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Sally Golding (AUST/UK) & Spatial (UK)

16mm film projection & optical soundtrack, Kinect camera, data projector, camera flash units, sound composition, portable sonic device built by Phantom Chips.

A new immersive audiovisual performance, taking the audience on a hallucinogenic dark carnival ride exploring the slippage between parapsychology and technology.

Interweaving science and superstition, philosophy and pulp through sound composition, live 16mm film projection and light environments, Breaching Transmissions invites the audience to enter a hypnotic, sensory zone. Through themes of ‘transmission’ and ‘medium’, this live performance implicates the audience as a participant by harnessing abstract infrared camera images, and reconfiguring the typical performer-technology-audience relationship.

A collaboration with UK electronic musician, sound artist & creative technologist Spatial, Breaching Transmissions is a sensory assault probing the ‘haunted’ in modern media, inhabiting the space between illusion and perception to manifest spectral horror and the etheric double.

A cacophonic, overdriven and trance-like state blending expanded cinema, sound art and performance.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Breaching Transmissions premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival, 2015

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Top banner photo by Tony Zara, Melbourne International Film Festival 2015. Photo 1 by Tony Zara, Melbourne International Film Festival 2015. Photo 2 by Alex Cuffe. Photos 3 & 4 by Tony Zara, Melbourne International Film Festival 2015